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My Support Coordinator

We are a NDIS-registered service provider providing services all over Australia. We provide excellent and person-centred support to help you and your family accomplish your NDIS goals through coordinating support.

Our expertise, energy, and professional staff are here to assist you in becoming more self-reliant by allowing you to access and organise your resources. We will assist you in becoming more independent and involved in your community.

The NDIS support coordination team is made up of dedicated and experienced support coordinators, as well as specialised support coordinators, who have a specific touch when it comes to making the NDIS as easy to navigate as possible for you. From the start, our pleasant NDIS Coordinators work directly with you and your family, and this is our standard. Individualised goals and intended outcomes are the focus of our efforts.

My Support Coordination

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Guiding NDIS Participants Caringly

Support Coordination?

MYSC acts as a trusted partner, collaborating with participants, families, and stakeholders to grasp their unique NDIS-related needs. Drawing upon their NDIS expertise, MYSC crafts personalised support plans aligned with participants’ objectives. They shoulder the responsibility of organising and overseeing these plans, ensuring seamless access to vital services and support.

Guides participants through application processes, advocating resolutely for their well-being. Furthermore, MYSC empowers individuals by enhancing their capacity to manage plans, make informed decisions, and exert control over their support journey. They offer continuous support, monitor progress, and facilitate connections with service providers and community organisations, enriching participants’ overall well-being.

In essence, MYSC, or support coordination, combines compassion and NDIS proficiency to be an invaluable resource, optimising the support journey. Our NDIS support coordination team consists of dedicated and experienced coordinators, including specialists skilled in simplifying NDIS processes. Our pleasant coordinators work directly with you and your family, making individualised goals our top priority.

Qualified, Informed, Caring, Accessible.

Why choose MYSC for support coordination?

When choosing an MYSC for NDIS support coordination, it’s important to find someone who has the skills, experience, and
approach that aligns with your needs and goals. Here are some factors to consider:

Qualifications and experience

Look for a coordinator with relevant qualifications and experience in assisting individuals effectively.

Understanding of the NDIS

Choose someone well-versed in NDIS and its available services for efficient guidance.

Communication and collaboration

Prioritise coordinators who excel in listening and communicating, closely working with you to meet your goals.


Ensure their office and remote support accommodate your accessibility needs for a seamless partnership.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Ndis Support Coordination

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) serves as a critical foundation, delivering essential support and funding for individuals in need of vital services. NDIS support coordinators occupy a pivotal role in simplifying the intricacies of the scheme, acting as guides for participants to access services and resources tailored to their unique needs.

Personalised Support

These coordinators work intimately with participants and their families, diving deep to comprehend individual needs, goals, and aspirations. They subsequently craft personalised support plans, facilitating goal attainment and access to services crucial for leading a meaningful life.

Enhanced Service Accessibility:

Equipped with comprehensive knowledge of available services, NDIS support coordinators empower participants to navigate the system, grasp their options, and connect with services finely attuned to their requirements.

Stress Reduction:

Applying for and managing NDIS support can be a daunting endeavor. NDIS support coordinators shoulder much of this responsibility, alleviating stress for participants and their families.

Service Coordination:

Seamless collaboration with a diverse array of service providers ensures that participant needs are met efficiently and in a coordinated manner.

Skills Development:

Support coordinators play a pivotal role in helping participants acquire essential life skills, contributing significantly to goal achievement and overall success.

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