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NDIS Support Coordination Service in Geelong

We are an NDIS-registered service provider with the capacity to offer all levels of support coordination services in and around Geelong. Our focus is on providing excellent, person-centred support to help you and your family achieve your NDIS goals through coordinated  support. Our team, comprised of energetic and professional staff, is dedicated to assisting you in building your capacity to access and coordinate your support, fostering independence and community involvement.

Our NDIS Support Coordination team in Geelong consists of dedicated and experienced support coordinators, specialised support coordinators, and psychosocial recovery coaches. They aim to make navigating the NDIS as easy as possible for you. From the beginning, our friendly NDIS Coordinators in Geelong work directly with you and your family, emphasising individualised goals and intended outcomes.

We work closely with you in Geelong to understand your needs, personalise support, and ensure you receive the proper assistance. Our goal is to encourage and nurture your independent decision-making capacity, including choice and control. We connect you with suitable service providers, regularly review your goals, and collaborate with you to shape new ones.

NDIS Support

Understand the NDIS & implement your NDIS Plan

Support coordination is about helping you manage and direct your services better. It’s designed to assist you in understanding more about the NDIS.

At MYSC, our support coordinators are experts at helping you understand your plan and finding service providers that match your individual needs.

MYSC is a registered, independent service provider under the NDIS. We’re here to offer you expert support that works towards achieving your goals.

Personalised service: We prioritise you, customising our services to meet your unique needs so you can reach your goals and live your best life.

Building your capabilities: We help you become more independent, giving you the power to access and coordinate your support and providing assistance to increase your involvement in the community.

Expert assistance: Our team consists of trained professionals. We support individuals with all levels of disability, including those with high and complex needs.

How do I engage MYSC as my chosen support
coordination service?

If you want to reach out to us, please go to our contact page. You can contact us by email, phone, or mail. We’ll
talk about your needs and guide you from there.

What is NDIS Support Coordination?

There are three levels of support coordination:

Level 1: Support Connection
In Support Connection, the support coordinator helps you learn how to manage your NDIS plan. They also help you connect with the community using formal and informal support, so you can work towards achieving your goals.

Level 2: Support Coordination: Coordination of Supports
In addition to Support Connection, the support coordinator at this level works with you to make sure you have the right support to live independently in the community. They help you manage provider support and build your ability to maintain those relationships.

Level 3: Specialist Support Coordination
Specialist Support Coordination is a higher level for participants with complex needs. The Specialist Support Coordinator ensures consistent support delivery and helps you manage any challenges in your support network.

You might get funding for support coordination based on your plan objectives, aspirations, and individual goals.

Does MYSC service only some people? Will they understand my disability and care about who cares for me?

The support coordinators at MYSC know a lot and have worked with many people from different backgrounds with different levels of needs and situations.

We can help anyone with any disability, at any stage of life. We respect and include people from all backgrounds, cultures, and sexual identities at MYSC. We welcome you and will treat you with great respect and kindness.

We have a lot of experience with different disabilities and people from various backgrounds, and we haven’t met anyone we couldn’t assist yet.

What is Specialist Support Coordination?

Specialist support coordination is a more advanced form of support compared to support coordination. It focuses on making things simpler for participants and helping them overcome obstacles to accessing their NDIS services.

This kind of support is for participants facing a crisis or those with complex needs who also get help from other services like justice, youth, legal, health, and mental health services. Specialist Support Coordinators will work with these services to help you achieve your goals and make progress with your NDIS plan.

Our team can provide both support coordination and specialist support coordination, depending on what is best for you and your situation.

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