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My Support Coordination

We provide NDIS Support Coordinaton services all over Australia. We provide excellent, person-centred support to help you and your family accomplish your NDIS goals through coordinating  support. Our expertise, combined with our energetic and professional staff, is here to assist you in building your capacity to access and coordinate your support. We are here to assist you in becoming more independent and involved in your community.

Our NDIS Support Coordination team is made up of dedicated and experienced support coordinators, specialised support coordinators, and psychosocial recovery coaches who have a specific touch when it comes to making the NDIS as easy to navigate as possible for you. From the start, our pleasant NDIS Coordinators work directly with you and your family, and this is our standard. Individualised goals and intended outcomes are the focus of our efforts.

  1. Closely We will work with you to find your needs, personalise support, and ensure that you are getting the proper support.
  2. Encouraging and nurturing your self-governing decision-making capacity, including choice and control,.
  3. Organising and bridging you with appropriate service providers, reviewing your goals, and together shaping new ones.
Enabling Your Choices, Compassionately.

Strategic objectives

  • Our passion is all about the rights of people with disabilities to have choice and control in their lives.
  • We will work closely with our staff, participants, and the community to ensure the best possible outcomes for all.
  • We will be authentic and passionate about our values. We will determine innovation in our services and generate opportunities for better-quality outcomes.
There are three different types of support coordination services we provide:
Strategic objectives

Our Mission

Organising, supporting, and enabling positive choices of a participant to achieve realistic NDIS
goals to live a healthy and independent life.

Our Values
Enabling Lives, Together We Achieve Your Care Goals.

Our Values

  • Person-centred: A person-centred approach places the person at the centre of the service and treats them as such. The focus is on the individual and what they can do, rather than their illness or impairment. Support should be adapted to the person’s requirements and circumstances in order to help them achieve their goals.
  • Empowerment: People’s empowerment refers to their ability to speak out for themselves and take charge of their own lives and destinies. Whether or not a person has a condition, they must be included in the decisions that influence their lives.
  • Accountability: Accountability requires taking responsibility for outcomes. It’s being responsible for the results, even if the task wasn’t yours. Furthermore, accountability ensures that organisations function smoothly and that there are no blame games.
  • Teamwork: In these environments, teamwork is critical because if the team does not work together effectively and consistently, the needs and expectations of residents and clients may not be met, and the quality of care may decline.
Supporting Independence Nationwide Together

Our Vision

To coordinate participants, support them to lead their lives in a healthy and independent way. The following areas are currently served by our NDIS Support Coordinator team:

  • Northern Adelaide
  • Eastern Adelaide
  • Southern Adelaide
  • Western Adelaide
  • Adelaide Hills
  • Barossa Light and Lower North
  • Fleurieu and Kangaroo Island
  • Melbourne Metropolitan Area
  • Geelong

We are currently expanding our services to all other locations in Australia, so please contact us so we can provide you with more information on how we can help you. Speak with a group that prioritises you. When you need help, you can count on us. We’ve got you covered with live social support from a member of our NDIS Support Coordination team who is ready to talk to you right now.

Our Vision
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